Vinyl lovers rejoice!

It looks like your favorite retro turntable is making a comeback. And in this modern age the desire for snazzy new vinyl record players and turntable has also gone up.

And although some may say turntables are old school, manufacturers like Sony took the lovable vintage turntable and added some cool modernistic touch. Thus, creating a device that caters to the maximum convenience and needs of millennials and Gen Z.

One of these offerings is the awesome Sony PS LX300USB.

Sony PS LX300USB Review

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The Sony Brand

Sony Corporation or more commonly known as Sony is the Japanese multinational conglomerated corporation. It is headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo.

This diversified organization offers consumers from financial and entertainment services from gaming to electronic products. It owns the largest video game console business, amongst the largest video game publishing business, has the largest music entertainment business globally, a top player in the television and film entertainment industry and among the leading manufacturers of electronic products for both professional and consumer markets.

It is simply hard to walk by a tech shop and miss the great SONY label. From headsets, smartphones and handheld gadgets to residential and commercial appliances like refrigerators, home audio systems, and large-sized TVs.

The Sony PS LX300USB Design and Key Features

Sony PSLX300USB USB Stereo Turntable

The Sony Turntable PS-LX300USB is a relatively inexpensive device as far as turntable go. Thus, its construction certainly reflects that cheapness. It has a flimsy feeling plastic in most of its build and construction.

This turntable may not have all the nice features of higher-end turntables. However, it has everything that the casual, modern listener could want in an affordable record player.

In terms of the speed that it can accommodate the PS LX300USB offers 2 speeds for playback— 45 or 33 RPM. Most people look for the 78 RPM speed. However, most vinyl records are cut at 45 or 33 RPM. Thus, you should have several options for playing. Unfortunately, the speed switch needs to be manually adjusted.

For the drive, Sony went with the belt-driven model. For this reason, the tonearm and your vinyl record are protected from vibrations. These also make it less likely for the record to skip.

In addition, belt drives tend to produce fewer vibrations. So, the tonearm can make a more crystal-clear sound. Its belt is constructed of durable silicone and snugly fits around the stepped drive pulley.

Speaking of vibration reduction, this turntable features a fairly heavy platter with rubber mat. These two helps in the efficient vibration reduction from its belt-drive motor. Meanwhile, the metal tonearm maybe a bit flimsy and lightweight compared to other models.

Still, its 7.5 inches length has a pull lever as well as a finger-lift on the side for quick and easy handling. When in contact with the record, the needle pressures us at 3.5g with a 1g slight variation. Such low pressure helps protect your vinyl and prevent scratches on your precious record.

You’ll be glad to know that this one is a fully automatic model. With its belt automatically starting once you press that start button. The tonearm returns automatically to its place once the vinyl has finished playing. Although, the tonearm might automatically lift a few seconds even before the end of the last track.

Probably the highlight of this Sony turntable is its USB connectivity. In addition to the RCA output, it features a USB interface that allows you to rip your old records to digital formats. You only need to connect it to your PC and fire up the included audio software.

Setting Up

The Sony Turntable PS LX300usb is probably one of the easiest turntables to assemble. It was harder to remove the turntable from its super secure packaging. However, once removed from the packaging, you only need to install the slip mat and platter.

Read more: Sony PS LX300USB Manual

After that, you only need to place your vinyl record and press the start button and you can enjoy your music.


In terms of performance, the Sony PS LX300USB is on the average side. For the sound, it has a good overall quality. However, it does lack the crystal clear sounds which defines a high-quality vinyl listening experience.

Its dynamic range is broad enough to give your music some emotional depth and nuance. However, it is narrower than what higher-end models can give you.

And although it is not a deal-breaker, it does steal loud notes of some of their impact. Also it loses the subtleties of quiet ghost notes. All in all, listening with this turntable is just about the same as listening to streaming services via a good Bluetooth speaker.

It does offer a good listening experience, but, it may not be what the serious vinyl enthusiast hopes for.

Customizations and Upgrades

This turntable features the cartridge and Sony stylus that is mounted on the tonearm.

Its magnetic cartridge offers you a better sound quality than most turntables on this price range. Plus, your records are less likely to get worn out or damaged. Still, you will not be able to upgrade to more high-quality cartridge. This is because it is fixed to the turntable tonearm.

Thus, there is not much room for customizations t this turntable. The only thing you can replace would be the needle. The Sony stylus N-6516 standard on this turntable can be replaced with something better like the audio Technica ATN-91.

Now, if you want to improve the performance, your only option would be to look somewhere else.

  • Commercial recording software included
  • Built-in preamp
  • Easy to use and setup
  • USB connection
  • Affordable
  • Removable dust cover
  • Fully automatic
  • Good sound quality


  • No volume control
  • NO RCA to 3.5mm adapters
  • No headphone jack
  • Complicated software
  • Short RCA build
  • Difficult USB playback
  • Poor build quality
  • Very basic turntable capabilities



The Sony PS LX300USB is a good entry-level turntable with that little added wow factor in the form of SB connectivity. It may not be a feature-laden turntable or as good or well-built as other higher-end models, but as the device that helps copy your damaged and old vinyl records to PC, this is a god-send.

As the enthusiast device, the advantages of this turntable lie in its ability to encode vinyl digitally through a computer. However, for connecting it directly to home audio set up or for the better vinyl listening experience, there are better options.

Sony PSLX300USB USB Stereo Turntable

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